Committee-GAC (Government Affairs)

The Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC) is actively involved in providing current and relevant information to chapter members regarding local and state governmental activities where the design industry, energy initiatives, and building codes may be impacted.  The Committee promotes ASHRAE standards to governing officials by being actively involved in keeping local, provincial and state governments updated on technical issues.

Since the establishment of the GAC in 2013, educating governmental officials has been the primary focus.  This has been especially true when considering the positive or detrimental affects potential alterations to building codes and/or energy codes may have in the design industry and energy sector.

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Commettee name change:
At the 2018 Annual Meeting in Houston, the Grassroots Government Advocacy Committee (GGAC) officially changed its name to the Government Affairs Committee (GAC). This name change came after discussions were held within the Committee and with ASHRAE leadership. Questions had been raised about the use of the words "grassroots" and "advocacy" as they do not always translate well outside the United States. The name change also more closely reflects the work of the Committee at the Society level and within the Chapters.

Energy Seat Addition to NC Building Code Council: Blocked, For Now

Despite strong bipartisan support provided during our 2019 Lobby Days, NCBPA's second priority legislation is currently on hold due to opposition from the home building industry. NCBPA proposed an amendment that would add an Energy seat to the NC Building Code Council, which wo...

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Gov Update: Energy Efficiency Reductions in HB675

On page 3 line 26 of this bill, new language is included that would add a cost-benefit analysis of all proposed changes to the NC Energy Code based on a five-year payback period and impacts on the energy efficiency of the entire structure.NCBPA believes this language is yet another legisla...

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Gov Update: SB 338 - Enable Tiered Electricity Rates

SB 338 - Enable Tiered Electricity Rates, Create a Green Bank and Incentive ENERGY STAR Household Products There is a NC Bill in the Senate called SB338, which enables tiered electricity rates across all ratepayer types to encourage energy efficiency, creates a "green bank" to...

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NC Advocates Legislation for Advance Energy and Water Savings

Media Contact: Ryan Miller Founder & Executive [email protected] North Carolina Advocates Advance Bill to Save $1.1 Billion of Taxpa...

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