Member Login

Log In ID aka USER NAME: When you are first assigned as a chapter member, we automatically set
your Triangle Chapter of ASHRAE Log-in ID (User Name) to automatically match the email that you had given to, (the Primary Contact Email Address you gave them).
You may change your Chapter Log In to whatever you wish via the "Member Information Editor".
(Also, regardless of what you have set for a Log In / User name, at any time your ASHRAE Membership Number can also be used as your Chapter Log-in ID.)

PASSWORD SELECTION: The password you choose to use HERE is separate from the one you choose to use at national. You can choose to use the same at both, but that is a choice you make at each website.

PASSWORD RESET: If you do a Password Reset Request, it will be sent to the email address you gave national for your contact email, NOT to any address that may be used as your Chapter Log-in ID.