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VidConf, Tech Cmtes & Resource Grps Update

June 10, 2020
11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
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Listen to a discussion of ASHRAE Tech Committees, and an update of the Technical Resource Group on Indoor Ventilation Standards.


This video conferenced event is FREE, and does NOT require any pre-registration.
Any and all are welcome to view and participate.

Introduction to Air Cleaning Technical Committees (TC's 2.3, 2.4, 2.9) & an Update of Tech Resource Group on IAQ Procedures

This presentation will start with an introduction to ASHRAE Technical Committees (TCs) including what types of TCs there are and how they benefit the ASHRAE community.
Then, she will talk about the three main TCs she belongs to and give you updates on what is going on in them.  She will briefly talk about the areas each group is responsible for and upcoming research ideas we have in the works.  Her area of interest is air quality and air cleaner testing, so these three committees focus on those areas:
* TC2.3 “Gaseous Air Contaminants and Gas Contaminant Removal Equipment”
* TC2.4 “Particulate Air Contaminants and Particulate Contaminant Removal Equipment”
* TC2.9 “Ultraviolet Air and Surface Treatment”
In addition to these, she will give an update on TRG4.IAQP, (Technical Resource Group - Indoor Air Quality Procedure Development


Owner and air pollution control engineer, Owen Air Filtration Consulting LLC, Cary, N.C.

Kathleen is an air filter/cleaner filtration efficiency and test method development expert. She worked on the ASHRAE and EPA projects that developed ASHRAE air cleaner efficiency test methods 52.2 (for particles), 145.2 (gases), and 185.1 (UV-bio aerosol). She also developed chamber test methods for gases and bio aerosols based, in large part, on the AHAM CADR test method.  She was the first chair of ASHRAE committee SSPC 145 and is the current chair of ASHRAE 52.2.  She is also the research subcommittee chair for TC2.3 Gaseous Contaminants and is a member of SSPC 185, TC2.4, TC2.9, TC2.3 and of the US TAG to ISO 142. During her years at RTI Intl., in addition to many ASHRAE and EPA projects on air cleaning and air quality, she ran the RTI commercial air cleaner test lab.  She is currently the PI on 1720-RP “Validation of gas-phase air-cleaner performance test method (Standard 145.2) by laboratory testing of commercially available filtration devices” and has been awarded 1784-RP “Repeatability and reproducibility assessment of ASHRAE Standard 52.2 as currently amended” which will start in April.

She has a BS in chemical engineering (NCSU), and an MS in Air Pollution Control Engineering (UNC-CH).
Her substantial contributions to the HVAC&R industry were recently recognized by ASHRAE, when they elevated her membership grade to "Fellow".

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11:00 AM: Sign-in and Socializing (use this time to get vid-chat settings adjusted)
11:30 AM: Chapter's monthly business meeting
12:00 PM: Presentation
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