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2016-10-07 - Cornhole Tourney, Rally Point (Flyer)

Flyer for the Fall Cornhole Tournament at Rally Point

2015-10-22 - Golf Outing, Lochmere (Flyer)

Flyer / attachment for the 2015 Autumn Golf outing

2015-10-09 - Refrigeration Tour, Compass Rose (flyer)

Fall 2015 Refrigeration Tour - Compass Rose Brewery

2015-10-02 - Cornhole Tourney, Rally Point (Flyer)

PDF of the Flyer for the 2015-10-02 Triangle ASHRAE Cornhole Tourney

Meeting Presentations

2018-02-13_Mtg - NatGas Update - presentation

The PDF of the meetings presentation.

2018-01-10 - ASHRAE's bEQ Bldg Energy Label Program

This is a PDF of the slides presented during the meeing

2016-11 - Ultra-Efficient Building Cooling

Nov 16, 2016 - Meeting Presentation slides (PDF) "Effective Optimization Technologies To Chiller Plants and Air Systems" by Tom Hartman, P.E.

2016-03 - Challenge of Sustainability

This PDF file is the slides for the presentation given 2016-03-09 on the Challenge of Sustainability

2015-05 - Future of Refrigerants

Future of Refrigerants

2015-02 - KVS systems

Kitchen Ventilation System Design - Luddy

2015-01 - BIM to SIM (SEMINAR)

Dru Crawley BIM to SIM

2015-01 - Std 189.1 Update (SEMINAR)

Dru Crawley Std 189.1 Presentation

2014-11 - Balancing Energy & Performance in Healthcare

Dan K - Balancing Energy & Performance in Healthcare

2014-10 - Climate Change, the Indoor Environment and Health

Climate Change, the Indoor Environment and Health

2014-05 - ASHRAE's Building Energy Quotient

ASHRAE's Building Energy Quotient

2014-04 - Variable Flow Chiller Plant Design

Variable Flow Chiller Plant Design

2014-02 - ASHRAE 90.1-2013

Why Buildings Matter and ASHRAE 90.1-2013

2014-01 - NC Legislative Update

NC Legislative Update

2013-11 - Facility Systems Integration

Facility Systems Integration fo Optimized Energy, Safety and Comfort

2013-09 - Room Loads, Int-Hout

What a (room) Load - Int-Hout

2013-05 - Why is Everyone Trying to Change my Duct System?

Why is Everyone Trying to Change My Duct System?

2013-02 - UVC Surface and Air Treament

Using UVC Energy for Surface and Air Treament

2012-11 - Lab Bldg Safety & Energy Reduction

Improving Safety & Reducing Energy Use in Laboratory Buildings


2016-09 - The Pipeline

This is the September 2016 issue of The Pipeline, the Triangle ASHRAE newsletter

2016-10 - The Pipeline

This is the October 2016 issue of The Pipeline, the Triangle ASHRAE newsletter

2017-10 - Pipeline Newsletter

The October 2017 issue of the Triangle Chapter's newsletter "The Pipeline"


This is the December 2017 issue of The Pipeline, the Triangle ASHRAE newsletter

2018-03 - Pipeline Newsletter

This is the March 2018 edition of the Pipeline Newsletter by the Triangle chapter of ASHRAE.

2018-05 - Region IV Newsletter

Downloadable PDF of the May 2018 newsletter for ASHRAE's Region IV

2018-07 - The Pipeline (Triangle ASHRAE newsletter)

July 2018 edition of The Pipeline, newsletter of the Triangle Chapter of ASHRAE (in PDF format)


Documents Public

2017-10-05 - NC Energy Efficiency Day Proclamation

Governor Cooper's official Proclamation that Oct 5 is Energy Efficiency Day in North Carolina

2017-11-14_USGBC-Lunch - Energy Simulation - flyer

This presentation will focus on energy modeling and its application to LEED v4 projects

Triangle Chapter ASHRAE - Constitution & Bylaws (2018-05-29)

2018-05-29 approved - Triangle Chapter, Constitution & Bylaws (replacing previous version dated 2015-12-08)

Docs from National

2016-03 ASHRAE Region 4 March Newsletter

The March 2016 newsletter for ASHRAE Region IV (4)

2016-05-17 - Region IV Newsletter

This is the Spring 2016 Newsletter for ASHRAE Region IV

2017 ASHRAE RegIV CRC - registration brochure

This is the official registration and information brochure for the 2017 ASHRAE Region IV: CRC (Chapters Regional Conferences), being held in Greensboro, NC

Triangle Chapter Scholarships