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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

About the Triangle Chapter of ASHRAE website

  1. Event Registration
  2. Event Registrations, multiple at a time
  3. Membership in ASHRAE and the Triangle Chapter
  4. Membership in ASHRAE, Renewal
  5. Resumes & Job Openings
  6. Usernames
  7. "You've Got Mail" (at 4 AM !!)
  8. "NC PE Attendance Verification sheets; pre-fill your info"

1.0 Event Registration   (back to top)

Q )  How do I register for an event on the website?

A )  Using our Calendar: Calendar of Events, find the specific event you want to register.

Click the "Register" Button box.

If you are a Chapter Member, and you choose to log in first, then your information will be pre-populated in the registration pages.

Choose the registration type for the meeting. Click "Next" to continue.

Fill in or adjust any contact details. Click "Next" to continue.

Choose your payment method. You can click "Online" to pay with a credit card or using a PayPal account, or you can click "Manual" to bring cash or check to the meeting. Click "Next" to continue.

For "Manual" Payment Methods: Review your information and click "Confirm". Your registration is complete and you will be sent a confirmation e-mail.

For "Online" Payment Methods: You will be directed to PayPal to complete your transaction. Once your PayPal transaction is complete, you will be returned to the Triangle Chapter website. Your registration is complete and you will be sent a confirmation e-mail.

2.0 Event Registrations, multiple at a time (back to top)

Q )  Can I register a group of people for an event?

A )  Yes. Members can register other members. Both Members and Non-Members can add additional non-members by selecting "Add Guests" during the registration process.

3.0 Membership in ASHRAE and the Triangle Chapter  (back to top)

Q )   What is the difference between membership in and

A )   The Triangle Chapter of ASHRAE is directly affiliated with the national organization of ASHRAE. When a person joins ASHRAE at, their local affiliation is automatically assigned to the geographically appropriate chapter. Members are able to change that affiliation by logging into and going to My Account. All the information they provide there is automatically echoed to this chapters membership database daily. (name, address(s), email, phone, Membership ID number, etc.).

A )   See also Chapter Membership

4.0 Membership in ASHRAE, Renewal       (back to top)

Q )  How do I renew my membership in ASHRAE?

A )  All membership information is held and processed by national ASHRAE. Go to and follow the instructions there.

5.0 Resumes & Job Openings (back to top)

Q1)  Can I post my resume?

A1)  If you are a chapter Student Member, we are glad to display your resume at Member Services / Resumes. Simply email it to [email protected] and it will be added to the Student Resume section. Likewise, please notify us when you wish it removed.

Q2)  Can I post a Job Opening?

A2.1)  If you are a chapter Member, you may post a Job Openings.

A2.2) If you are not a member of the chapter, and the opening is for a position that might be of interest to our members, then provide the information to any chapter officer or email directly, [email protected]

To see what critera the opening must meet and to submit a job opening, go to Member Services / Classified Job Listing

6.0 User-names    (back to top)

Q )  What is my user-name / password for this website?

A )  You may enter as your user-name, (each time you log-in), your e-mail address given to national ASHRAE as your primary email contact, OR your ASHRAE membership number (your choice). If you have never logged in to, click the "Forgot Password" link and enter in your e-mail address to set up your personal password.

7.0 "You've Got Mail" (at 4 AM !!)     (back to top)

Q )  PROBLEM: our General Announcement emails arrive at your email address in the middle of the night, and that triggers a "You've Got Mail" alert which is annoying.

A )  For that, we apologize. Unfortunately, it's an automatic function of our email system. It doesn't allow General Announcements to be sent to our mail list at any other time.
Why? The service we use follows a very common, very recognized Internet etiquette of only sending out General Announcements ("bulk" email broadcasts) early in the morning when the Internet is less busy. Since we have over 600 people on our email list, it's a good fit for us.

Also, since we are a chapter of the national ASHRAE organization, our Membership data is directly provided by them, including the contact email address you provided them. That leaves you two options:

1) UNSUBSCRIBE from our General Announcement email list:
Click on the "Unsubscribe from Email Notifications" link at the bottom of any of our General Announcement emails.
If you want to keep current with our events, you'll have to regularly view our calendar.

2) CHANGE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS to one without an alarm.
This must be done in your profile. Within a day, that address will be automatically updated to our records. Pick or create an address that doesn't have an alarm associated with it, or one where you can mute the alarm during the late hours.

Note about email addresses and Triangle Website Log-In User Names:
When you first registered on our website, the system assigned you a default User Name that matched your email. This was for your convenience, and you may have later changed your User Name to anything else you wanted.
If have NOT changed your User Name from that email address, and now change your email on, your "User Name" for our website will NOT be effected. (IE: it will appear as your 'old' email address). You may wish to update it too, or change it to something else).

8.0 "NC PE Attendance Verification sheets; pre-fill your info"         (back to top)

Q )  Question: You're a PE in North Carolina, and need attendance verification to a training seminar for PDHs (Professional Development Hours). You'd like to have your information pre-filled into the form to save time.

A )  If you pre-register on-line to a meeting, (pre-paid or not), if you fill in your name, email address AND your NC PE number during the registration, that info will be pre-filled into the sign-in form during the meeting..

If you have a question that is not answered here, please e-mail our webmaster at [email protected] for assistance.