Chapter - Past Activities

2019-2020 Term - Chapter Past Activities

2019-07-01 - Session begins (2019-2020)

2019-08 (No events in August)

2019-09-11 - NCSU meeting- Julia Keen about ASHRAE

2019-09-11 - September Monthly meeting:

PRESENTATION: Panel Discussion: Women in ASHRAE Panel Discussion: Women in ASHRAE.
Six women will discuss their experiences and answer questions with the audience.

Julia Keen, PE, Ph.D., ASHRAE Fellow, BEAP, HBDP; Professor, Dept of Architectural Engineering & Construction Science - Kansas State University
Alexandra H. Ritchie, EI; Mechanical Designer, Dewberry
Lisa R. Smith; Senior Construction Project Manager, City of Durham
Kathleen C. Stahl, PE, CEM, LC; Energy Manager, Meredith College
Heather Platt, PE; Senior Project Manager, Dewberry
Kathleen Owen, ASHRAE Fellow; Engineering Consultant & Owner, Owen Air Filtration Consulting, LLC

2019-09-26 to 28 Reg4 CRC: Charlotte, NC

2019-10-09 - October monthly meeting (Lunch):

PRESENTATION: Selecting Pumps for Ultimate Owner Satisfaction
Selecting pumps that meet the users requirements AND the changing codes and standards.
SPEAKER: Chris Edmondson; CEO; James M. Pleasants Company, Inc. Greensboro, NC

2019-10-13_Sun - Adopt a Highway
2019-10-16, RP - Drive Shack
2019-10-24, Refer Tour - Fortnight Brewing

2019-11-01 - Social - Cornhole Tourney (YEA)
2019-11-02 - Sustainable Project, Trail Improvement
2019-11-05 - Networking Wine Social

2019-11-13 - November Monthly meeting:

PRESENTATION: Details of a Risk Management Program for Healthcare Water Systems
A Review of the ASHE paper on healthcare water management systems.
SPEAKER: Heather Platt, PE, CHC;
Dewberry, Raleigh, NC

2019-11-21 - PNC Refer Tour & Game
2019-11-23 - Adapt a Hwy

2019-12-11 - Holiday Party

(No business meeting or presentation in December)

2019 - 2020

2020-01-09 - January Monthly meeting:

PRESENTATION: Advanced Energy Design Guide for K-12 School Buildings: Achieving Zero Energy
This program will review a brief history of the AEDG Series, and then focus on the newest group in the AEDG series – Achieving Zero Energy. The first volume in this new series is for Zero Energy K-12 School Building Design, and the program will highlight the major steps and Integrated, systematic approach for achieving Zero Energy in schools.
SPEAKER: Thomas H. Phoenix, P.E., FASHRAE; Clark Patterson Lee; Greensboro, NC

2020-02-12 - February Monthly meeting:

PRESENTATION: Renewable Natural Gas - Carbon Reduction and Renewable Energy
The speakers will present on the topic of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), and provide an update on the latest carbon reduction and renewable energy efforts underway right here in North Carolina.
Kraig Westerbeek; Senior director of Smithfield Renewables and Hog Production Division Environmental Affairs, Smithfield Foods, Inc.
Lee McElrath; Manager, Key Accounts and Commercial Service; Dominion Energy NC’s Gas Division

2020-02-18 - Networking, Wine Social
2020-02-28 - Bowling Social

2020-03-10 - NC governor declared a state of emergency, (COVID-19 virus) (Venues and services began closing)

2020-03-11 - March monthly meeting (Lunch):

PRESENTATION: Boiler system optimization
Take a wider approach to hydronic heating system design to take full advantage of today’s high efficiency technologies.
SPEAKER: Theresa D’Amore; Manager of Systems Engineers at Watts Heating and Hot Water Solutions

2020-03-13 - Durham Bulls tour (was 02-21) !!Canceled!!
2020-03-17 - Facility tour, DPAC !!Canceled!!
2020-03-19 - Highway Cleanup !!Canceled!!
2020-03-26 - Spring Hockey Game & Tailgate !!Canceled!!

2020-04 - April events: !!CANCELED!!

2020-05 - May monthly meeting (Virtual):

PRESENTATION: Building Information Modeling for the Mechanical Disciplines
The value and uses of BIM to Owners, Architects, Engineers, and the community
SPEAKER: M. Dennis Knight, P.E.; Principal; Whole Building Systems, Mt. Pleasant, SC

2020-06-24 - Spring Golf !!CANCELED!!

2020-06 - June monthly meeting (Virtual):

PRESENTATION: Introduction to Air Cleaning Technical Committees (TC's 2.3, 2.4, 2.9) & an Update of Tech Resource Group on IAQ Procedures
Listen to a discussion of ASHRAE Tech Committees, and an update of the Technical Resource Group on Indoor Ventilation Standards.
SPEAKER: Kathleen Owen, ASHRAE Fellow
; Engineering Consultant & Owner, Owen Air Filtration Consulting, LLC

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Newsletters: ("The Pipeline") published 2019-09; 2019-10; 2020-01; 2020-05; 2020-07

2018-2019 Term - Chapter Past Activities

2018-07-01 - Session begins (2018-2019)

2018-08-08 to 11 CRC, Joint (Reg 4,12)

2018-09-12 - September Monthly meeting:
PRESENTATION: Overview of Changes in the 2019 NC Mechanical Code
Information and comparison points on the changes in the upcoming 2019 NC Mechanical Code that will be in effect on January 1st, 2019.
SPEAKER: Dan Dittman, PE, CVMP; Chief Mech Code Consultant; Bldg Code Council; NC Dept Insurance

2018-10-10 - October Monthly meeting:
PRESENTATION: Indoor Air Disasters and Resilience: Stories of Recovery from Katrina, Hurricanes, Wildfires, and Other Disasters
The U.S. has had fires, floods, and storms in recent years, such as Hurricane Katrina, which flooded New Orleans in 2005. The “Katrina cough” affecting residents was soon reported in U.S. news outlets. What is the effect of disasters on IAQ?  Can we prevent carbon monoxide poisonings?  This presentation will tell stories from past disasters, and suggest ways we can avoid problems in the future.
SPEAKER: Henry H. Slack, PE; Environmental Engineer; former Indoor Air and Green Buildings at U.S. EPA,; Region 4, Atlanta Region

2018-10-26 - Cornhole Tourney (Compass Rose Brewery)

2018-11-08 - Plant Tour: Mystic Farm & Distillery, Durham, NC

2018-11-14 - November Monthly meeting:
PRESENTATION: Design vs Facilities Maintenance
Design firms are being pushed by clients to save time and money, but in doing so we run the risk of providing the code minimum design or not spending the right amount of time investigating current conditions. This leaves projects that end up costing a lot more time and money for both the engineer and owner. The presentation digs into some of these issues based on actual project results.
SPEAKER: Heather Platt, PE; Sr Mech Engr, Sr Assoc; Mazzetti, MEP Engineering of Greensboro, NC

2018-11-17 - 5k Fun Run (Cary, NC)

2018-12-06 -YEA Happy Hour (Bond Brothers Beer Company)
2018-12-13 - Holiday Party (222 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh, NC)

2019-01-09 - January Monthly meeting:
PRESENTATION: Update on Refrigerants: Past, Present and Future
In recent decades, the refrigeration and air conditioning sciences have been in a state of flux primarily because of the phase-out of ozone-depleting CFC and HCFC refrigerants, and secondarily because of environmental concerns related to the direct global warming impacts of some of the replacement refrigerants. Due to these concerns, there is significant worldwide interest in using substances that are naturally occurring in the biosphere as refrigerants, which are considered benign to the environment and are termed “natural working fluids”.
Surprisingly, many of these substances were already used as refrigerants at the dawn of the refrigeration technology in the late 1800’s. Thus, when looking at the refrigerants of the future, it is essential to understand which substances have been used in past. This presentation provides a detailed review of the past and present refrigerants, and proposes refrigerants and their respective technologies that could be used in the future. An assessment of their characteristics related to choice of one versus another, and an identification of trends set by these choices will be made.
SPEAKER: Dr Eckhard Groll, Purdue University

2019-01-13 - ASHRAE awards the membership grade of "Fellow" to Triangle Chapter Members:
 * Kathleen Owen, owner and air pollution control engineer, Owen Air Filtration Consulting LLC, Cary, N.C.
 * M. Ginger Scoggins, P.E., President, Engineered Designs, Inc., Cary, N.C.

2019-02-13 - February Monthly meeting:
PRESENTATION: Duke U: Nat Gas and carbon reduction
The presentation will focus on how Duke University has utilized natural gas as a part of their comprehensive campus energy strategy and showcase the university's recent carbon reduction accomplishments.
SPEAKER: Casey Collins, PE; Energy Manager for Duke University

2019-02-14 - Breakfast - Women in HVAC

2019-03-13 - March Monthly meeting:
PRESENTATION: ASHRAE Building Energy Quotient (bEQ)
ASHRAE has a new Building Energy Quotient (bEQ) Energy Labeling Program that officially launched its operational program in 2011, and launched its “as designed” rating in 2013. This presentation includes an overview of the ASHRAE bEQ program with an up to date discussion of its primary goals, objectives, and procedures.
SPEAKER: M. Dennis Knight, PE; Principal - Whole Building Systems, Mt. Pleasant, SC

2019-03-22 - Cornhole Tourney (Compass Rose Brewery)
2019-03-29 - Bowling, 2nt annual Tourney (AMF Pleasant Valley Lanes)

2019-04-04 - Tour, PNC Arena (Refer system) & Hockey Game

2019-04-10 - April Monthly meeting:
PRESENTATION: 2018 NC Energy Code Update
Information and comparison points on the changes in the 2018 NC Energy Code that came into effect on January 1st, 2019.
SPEAKER: Dan Dittman, PE, CVMP; Chief Energy Code Consultant; Bldg Code Council; NC Dept Insurance

2019-04-17 - Webcast Viewing (ASHRAE: The Future of Refrigeration)
2019-04-25 - Adopt a Highway (Community Involvement)

2019-05-08 - Spring Golf Tournament

2019-05-15 - May Presentation
PRESENTATION: Data Analytics
This session will demonstrate how Big Data was utilized to defend a design firm from a $1 million claim due to a damaged artifact, and how implementation of a data analytics system could have prevented the damage from occurring. We will show you how to leverage data analytics to prioritize your maintenance work orders so that your limited O&M resources can be focused more on resolving critical performance issues, and less time treating the symptoms. Finally, we will show how data analytics can close the efficiency gap between designed energy models and actual facility performance.
SPEAKER: Kevin Day, PE, CEM, CCP, LEED AP - MBP; Facil Performance Svcs Ldr, McDonough Bolyard Peck

2019-05-21 - A Day on the Hill (Government Affairs Committee)

2019-06-12 - June Presentation
PRESENTATION: Introduction to Air Cleaning Technical Committees (TC's 2.3, 2.4, 2.9) & Update of 1784-RP

This presentation will start with an introduction to ASHRAE Technical Committees (TCs) including what types of TCs there are and how they benefit the ASHRAE community. Then, she will talk about the three main TCs she belongs to and give you updates on what is going on in them.  She will briefly talk about the areas each group is responsible for and upcoming research ideas we have in the works.
SPEAKER: Kathleen Owen, FASHRAE; Owen Air Filtration Consulting LLC, Cary, N.C.

2019-06-15 - Marbles Museum, Community Outreach
2019-06-31 - Annual Term ends

Newsletters: ("The Pipeline") published 2018-07, 2018-10



2017-2018 Term - Chapter Past Activities

2017-07-01 - Session begins (2017-2018)
2017-08-10 - Region IV CRC, Greensboro

2017-09-13 - September Monthly meeting:
Presentation: Fixing the Great Indoors: HVAC and Indoor Air Quality
Most of the time, we breathe without a thought, hundreds of times each hour – unless there’s a problem. When something’s wrong, it’s due to pollutants, people, pathways, and pressure differences. The best solution often is to find the sources and control them, or fix the pathways and pressures. This presentation will focus on what goes wrong in our buildings that engineers can manage –intakes, dampers, filters, coils, drain pans, fans, and controls. Instead of testing, a visual inspection (walk-through) can identify many likely sources and pathways, which are often inexpensive to fix.
Speaker: Henry H. Slack, Environmental Engineer, US EPA, Reg 4, Atlanta, GA

2017-10-11a - October Monthly meeting:
Presentation #1: ASHRAE TC9.6 - Health Care Facilities Design Update
This session will be about the recent activity in the ASHRAE Technical Committee TC9.6 Healthcare Facilities. Technical Committee 9.6 is concerned with the application of ventilating, air conditioning, refrigeration, life safety, and energy conservation systems to healthcare facilities. These facilities include hospital (acute care, psychiatric, rehabilitation), primary care outpatient facilities, ambulatory care facilities, small primary outpatient facilities, outpatient surgical facilities and assisted living facilities. TC 9.6 also addresses energy conservation, environmental comfort, infection control, and life safety issues in these facilities.
SPEAKER: Pavel Likhonin, PE, CEM, Dewberry Engineers, Inc.

Presentation #2: Regulatory Roadmap, Navigating NC's Healthcare Code Landscape
The governing codes and standards for healthcare facilities design in North Carolina is ever-changing and complex. Mr. Alex Harwell will provide a comprehensive overview of the requirements for healthcare facilities design work in North Carolina, and provide a clear direction for successful implementation of the latest requirements including NC Division of Health Service Regulation (NC DHSR), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and NC State Building Codes. Mr. Harwell has a unique perspective with over 20 years of professional experience, 8 years in healthcare including former NC DHSR Inspector. Please join us for this informative presentation.
SPEAKER: Alex Harwell, Dewberry Engineers Inc.

2017-10-20 - Cornhole Tourney (Lynnwood Brewing Concern)
2017-11-02 - Plant Tour, Phononic (Solid State Temp Control)

2017-11-08 - November Monthly meeting:
Presentation #1: Attracting and Retaining Women in Engineering
SPEAKER: Ginger Scoggins, PE, CEM, CxA, LEED® AP, Principal

Presentation #2: GGAC Legislative Update

2017-11-14 - Lunch meeting w/ USGBC:
Presentation: Energy Modeling for LEED v4 Projects
Discuss how energy modeling can be used to deliver successful LEED projects, including direct applications to LEED credits. Present lessons learned from applying energy modeling to LEED projects and navigating the LEED review process.
SPEAKERS: Brian Turner, PE, LEED AP, Assistant Principle & RJ Hartman, EIT, both with Clark Nexsen, VA Beach, VA

2017-12-02 - 5k Fun Run (Cary, NC)
2017-12-13 - Xmas Party (222 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh, NC)

2018-01-10 - January Monthly meeting:
Presentation: bEQ, ASHRAE’s Building Energy Quotient Labeling Program
This presentation charts the development of ASHRAE’s Building Energy Quotient labeling program for commercial buildings and describes its purpose, importance, benefits, and how it differs from other labeling programs, in the context of national and international labeling activities. Characteristics and features of the In Operation and As Designed types of labels are presented. The process for application of each of these types is described, including the criteria evaluated, the rating scale, the certificate, dashboard, and display plaque, as well as the certification requirements for professionals who support each type. A summary of lessons learned in the In Operation pilot program will highlight the rigor associated with the bEQ label.
SPEAKER: Bruce D. Hunn, Ph.D. (ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer), Consultant in Building Energy Analysis, Raleigh, NC

2018-02-13 - February Monthly meeting:
Presentation: Public Service Natural Gas Update
This month's program will focus on natural gas pipeline enhancement & expansion in the Carolinas and SCANA Corporation, the company that provides this regions natural gas.
SPEAKER: Don (Rusty) Harris, PE, President and Chief Operating Officer of PSNC Energy

2018-02-23 - Bowling (AMF Pleasant Valley Lanes)

2018-03-16 - March Monthly meeting:
Presentation: Key Impacts of ASHRAE Standards on Waterside Design
Many ASHRAE Standards have become building code in North America. Engineers, Contractors and Owners are expected to apply these Standards to their buildings. In many cases, we find in the real world of HVAC Hydronic systems a lack of awareness and understanding of basic important sections. This seminar will take a common-sense approach to specific sections of ASHRAE 90.1-2010/2013 and discuss how they have a direct impact on Water side HVAC installation and design. Topics covered:: History of ASHRAE 90.1, 90.1-2010 and 2013 Current Requirements, Waterside Economizers and 90.1 90.1-2016 Future Requirements.
SPEAKER: Chris Edmondson, CEO James M. Pleasants Company, Inc., Greensboro, NC

2018-04-07 - Volunteer at Marbles Museum

2018-04-11 - April Monthly meeting:
Presentation: Impacts of Climate Change and Urbanization on Future Building Performance
With the increasing interest in climate change driven by human activity, recent research has focused on the impact of climate change or urban heat island on building operation and performance across the world. But this work usually aggregates the energy and peak demand impacts across a broad sector. In a recent study, impacts on the operating performance of an office building were estimated based on climate change and heat island scenarios in 25 locations (20 climate regions). This presentation presents the variation and differences among the 20 regions when climate change is introduced. The focus is on changes in comfort conditions, building equipment operation as well as daily patterns of energy performance using prototypical buildings that represent typical, good, and low-energy practices around the world. Other issues such as fuel swapping as heating and cooling ratios change, impacts on environmental emissions, and how low-energy building design incorporating renewables can significantly mitigate any potential climate variation are also presented.
SPEAKER: Drury B. Crawley, Ph.D. Director, Building Performance, Bentley Systems

2018-04-13 - Cornhole Tourney (Lynnwood Brewing Concern)
2018-04-19 - Webcast (ASHRAE, Energy Efficiency)
2018-04-26 - Refer Tour, Graybeard
2018-04-27 - Volunteer at Community Food Bank
2018-04-28 - Volunteer at Durant Park
2018-05-09 - Golf, spring (River Ridge)

2018-05-09 - May Tech Session (before golf event):
Presentation: Hydronic System Design. "Air Management and System Pressurization in Hydronic Systems" Air in hydronic systems can cause many problems, including corrosion, noise, reduced pumping capacity, and air bound coils. In this seminar, we'll review these problems, and discuss how to resolve them.
Speaker: Chris Norwood, PE, James M. Pleasants Company He is a 1997 graduate of NCSU in Chemical Engineers and has 20 years of industry experience between York International and James M. Pleasants Company.

2018-06-06 - Day on the Hill
2018-06-31 - Annual Term ends

Newsletters: ("The Pipeline") published 2017-10, 2017-12, 2018-03, 2018-05



2016-2017 Term - Chapter Past Activities

2016-07-01 - Session begins (2016-2017)
2016-08-11 - Region IV CRC, Atlanta, GA (Lake Lanier)

2016-09 - Career Fair presentation at NCSU

2016-09-14 - September Monthly meeting:
Presentation: ASHRAE bEQ – Building Performance vs. Building Certification & Rating
This presentation will discuss the purpose and advantages of building labeling and its effect on building performance. An in depth explanation of the ASHRAE Building Energy Quotient Program will also be provided. The presentation will cover what distinguishes bEQ from other certification programs as well as the process used to meet the requirements to qualify a building for certification.
Speaker: Julia Keen, P.E., Ph.D., BEAP, HBDP, Professor, Dept. of Architectural Engineering and Construction Science, Kansas State University, Owner, Keen Designs, P.A.

2016-10-12 - October Monthly meeting:
Presentation: Conflict Resolution
"Can't We All Just Get Along?"– Keeping Your Eye on the Prize Despite Getting Poked in It (Alternative Dispute Resolution in Construction). Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) has a long history of use in labor, workplace and construction disputes. In fact, the construction industry is often seen as the lead innovator in the use of ADR techniques to address and resolve disputes in on-going projects while keeping the project moving forward. ADR is a broad subject. ADR is applied in all types of business and personal negotiations - from employment disputes to business mediations to neighborhood groups to international refugee crises. These situations may arise out of an impromptu confluence of circumstance or have a formal pathway for resolution defined by the contract. The program will touch upon the core principles and practices of ADR with a special emphasis on contractual situations, such as construction, contract manufacturing and service outsourcing.
SPEAKER: E. Mitchell Swann, P.E. (ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer) MDC Systems, LLC, Paoli, PA 19301

2016-10-21 - Cornhole Tourney (Rally Point Bar and Grille)
2016-10-24 - NCSU Student Branch (mock interviews)

2016-11-02a - Facility Tour (Dell Data Center, Mooresville, NC)

2016-11-02b - Post-Tour Social (Lone Rider Craft Brewery, Raleigh, NC)

2016-11-06 - November Monthly meeting (lunch & Membership Promotion):
Presentation: Ultra-Efficient Building Cooling
Singapore's efforts to improve commercial building energy efficiency will be discussed. Their approach is one of verified cooling system performance. Reviewed will be cooling system optimization analysis for large building systems consisting of chiller plants and VAV air systems that was used to develop the Singapore benchmarks and in ultra-efficient building designs for many applications. The optimization development and implementation strategies presented are not limited specific system configurations. Tom's presentation will also focus on the importance of selecting specific comfort conditions for which the building comfort systems are designed and then to coordinate chiller plant and air system design and operational parameters to meet those conditions with optimal overall system efficiency. The presentation will include a discussion of how best to achieve the projected level of system performance, and how to ensure it is maintained over time. Finally, Tom will end the presentation with a brief discussion and review of the fundamentals for designing and achieving true ultra-efficient cooling system operation.
SPEAKER: Thomas Hartman, P.E., Principal of The Hartman Company

2016-11-14 - Lunch meeting w/ USGBC:
Presentation: Energy Modeling for LEED v4 Projects
Discuss how energy modeling can be used to deliver successful LEED projects, including direct applications to LEED credits. Present lessons learned from applying energy modeling to LEED projects and navigating the LEED review process.
SPEAKERS: Brian Turner, PE, LEED AP, Ass Princ & RJ Hartman, EIT, both with Clark Nexsen, VA Beach, VA

2016-12-03 - 5k Fun Run (Cary, NC)
2016-12-17 - Xmas Party (Royal Banquette Center, Raleigh, NC)

2017-01-10 - January Monthly meeting (lunch):
Presentation: Investing in ASHRAE
"How Investing Your Time in ASHRAE Has a Tremendous Return on the Investment in Your Career" - Hear eal life examples and talk about the benefits and added value of being an active member in ASHRAE.  While the intrinsic benefits of participating in ASHRAE may not be so obvious, they are transferable to whatever is your direct line of work. The bottom line is – you want to increase your value to your organization and ASHRAE can be a key partner.
SPEAKER: Dr. Maureen Grasso, ASHRAE Fellow, NC State, Dean of the Graduate Schooling

2017-02-07 - February Monthly meeting:
Presentation: Adapt Today to Shape Tomorrow

This is our Society's theme this year, based on the goal in our Society’s Strategic Plan to adapt. This goal relates to my personal history of moving from a slide rule in my early college days to a hand calculator and now a computer or smartphone as an example of the challenges and opportunities inherent in adapting to new technology. Our theme revolves around our ability to adapt in three main areas; adapt ASHRAE resources to create the visionaries of tomorrow, adapt ASHRAE investments to energize our chapters and engage our members and adapt ASHRAE technology to provide an immediate, direct benefit to our members. A number of new initiatives will be unveiled that will provide direction to achieve those goals.
SPEAKER: Tim Wentz, P.E., ASHRAE national president, Fellow ASHRAE, HBDP, is an associate professor, University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

2017-02-18  - (Sat) Community Outreach: Tammy Lynn Center, work day

2017-02-22 - A Day on the Hill

2017-03-15 - March Monthly meeting:
Presentation: Future of Refrigerants
Review the latest on U.S. laws and regulations and international agreements that will impact the future use and phase out of some HVAC refrigerants. The presentation will include current requirements of the Montreal Protocol, Kyoto Protocol, the Clean Air Act, and U.S. EPA regulations, Canadian HFC regulation, and California proposed HFC regulations that would phase down the production and use of HFCs such as 134a and 410a. Information will also be provided on the availability of current HCFCs and HFCs plus forecast of new alternative refrigerants such as HFOs.
SPEAKER: James E. Wolf, President, Global Policy Associates

2017-03-16 - Resource Fundraiser (March Madness grid, direct donations)

2017-04-12 - April Monthly meeting:
Presentation: Natural Gas Update
Hear an update on the US natural gas industry, new pipeline projects which will enhance our regional natural gas supply, and some consumer trends.
SPEAKER: George B. Ratchford, Vice President of Gas Operations, PSNC Energy, A SCANA Company

2017-04-18 - Talk 'n Walk (Tally Student Union, NCSU) tour
2017-04-20 - Webcast (ASHRAE, Take Control: - Using Analytics to Drive Building Performance)
2017-04-21 - Cornhole Tourney (Ponysaurus Brewing Co.)

2017-05-11 - Refer Tour (Clouds Brewery)

2017-05-09 - May Monthly meeting (Lunch):
Presentation: Debate on Climate Change
The climate change debate amongst the general public is a microcosm of a bigger problem that goes way beyond climate. It's a problem with the way we may think. Many are no longer willing to test their hypothesis, let alone admit they could be wrong about anything. We live in a world of echo chambers, and many of us picks the one that will entrench our current opinions to an even deeper extent.  This can be true in many applications of our lives including our views on technologies affecting the building design environment.
Speaker: Greg Fishel – WRAL Chief Meteorologist

2017-06-07 - Golf, spring (River Ridge)
2017-06-31 - Annual Term ends

Newsletters: ("The Pipeline") published 2016-09, 2016-10

2015-2016 Term - Chapter Past Activities

2015-07-01 - Session begins (2015-2016)
2015-08-15 - Region IV CRC, Raleigh, NC

2015-09-14 - September Monthly meeting:
Presentation: ASHRAE bEQ – ASHRAE’s Building Energy Labeling Program
This presentation charts the development of ASHRAE’s Building Energy Quotient labeling program for commercial buildings and describes its purpose, importance, benefits, and how it differs from other labeling programs, in the context of national and international labeling activities.  Characteristics and features of the In Operation and As Designed types of labels are presented. The process for application of each of these types is described, including the criteria evaluated, the rating scale, the certificate, dashboard, and display plaque, as well as the certification requirements for professionals who support each type.  A summary of lessons learned in the In Operation pilot program will highlight the rigor associated with the bEQ label.
Presenter: Bruce D. Hunn, Ph.D., Fellow ASHRAE, Fellow ASES

2015-10-01 - October Monthly meeting:
Presentation: You can't afford discomfort  
While much has been said about saving energy, little is said of the downside if the savings strategy reduces occupant productivity. The average salary in any office is 100  times greater than the full cost of heating and cooling that space. Strategies that add to the first, renovation, or operating cost of a space have to be weighed against the potential for reduced productivity when calculating the time to payback.
   We aren't doing a very good job, it seems. BOMA continues to report that the #1 reason for tenants not renewing the lease is "occupant dissatisfaction with the thermal environment". ASHRAE Standard 55 describes the conditions that will satisfy a majority of the occupants. It is often referenced in code, and many LEED projects have been awarded a point for compliance, at the design stage, of course.
   In practice however, we find that systems don't operate at design, or even as designed. We will discuss the issues related to maintaining comfortable conditions at all loads, and discuss the benefits of ventilation and economizer operations.
Presenter: Dan Int-Hout III, ASHRAE Fellow & Distinguished Lecturer, Chief Engineer - Kreuger

2015-10-09 - Refer Tour (Compass Rose)
2015-10-13 - Golf, Fall
2015-10-30 - Social, Cornhole (Rally Point)

2015-11-09 - Refer Tour (Compass Rose)
2015-11-14 - Sustainability Project, Reality Ministries

2015-11-18 - November Monthly meeting (lunch)
Presentation: Exploring Climate Change
Regardless of your position on Climate Change we invite you to hear local Meteorologist Greg Fishel with WRAL speak on this subject. Extreme opinions on both sides of the issue are promoted. Does it have to be that way? What is the reality? Your attendance at this insightful and thought provoking presentation is welcome.
SPEAKER: Greg Fishel, WRAL Chief Meteorologist.

2015-12-05 - Wake Tech Engineering Competition
2015-12-09 - Xmas & Casino Party (Royal Banquette Center, Raleigh, NC)

2016-01-10 - January Monthly meeting (lunch):
Presentation: Modern Pump Selection for System Efficiency
Learn to calculate system curves for both open and closed systems. We will examine the differences between constant and variable head and how this can impact system pumping efficiency during part load operation. This presentation will also address what Efficiency Islands are, how they can impact operating results and key application considerations with examples.
SPEAKER: James Christopher Edmondson, CEO, James M. Pleasants Company, Inc., Greensboro, NC

2016-02-11a - Tour, (Hunt Library)
2016-02-11b - Post Tour social, (Trophy Brewery)

2016-03-09 - March Monthly meeting
Presentation: How Long Will It Last? Addressing the Challenge of Sustainability
This lecture explores some of the roadblocks, pitfalls and opportunities on the road to truly sustainable buildings.  It invites the audience to question long held assumptions and habits in building design, engineering and construction, and challenges how we assess numerous building performance attributes.  From energy efficiency to durability to life expectancy, we will explore some of the challenges necessary to establish meaningful product and building performance metrics.  We will examine how these sustainability objectives fit in with ASHRAE’s minimum code standards (90.1 and 90.2), green building standards (189.1 and 189.2) and others.
SPEAKER: R. Christopher Mathis, President, MC2 – Mathis Consulting Company

2016-04-04a - School Visit, (Brentwood)
2016-04-04b - Refer Tour (Crank Arm Brewery)

2016-04-12 - April Monthly meeting:
Presentation: The European approach to decrease energy consumption in buildings
From the beginning of 2006 all new European buildings (residential, commercial, industrial etc.) must have an energy declaration based on the calculated energy performance of the building, including heating, ventilating, cooling and lighting systems. This talk presents the EPBD (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive) and related standardization. Further activities to decrease energy consumption is a directive requiring increased use of renewable energy and energy labeling of energy consuming products are further actions.
SPEAKER: Bjarne W. Olesen, Ph.D. Professor, Technical University of Denmark

2016-04-21 - View Webinar (Net Zero Net Pos)
2016-04-29 - Social, Cornhole Tourney (Compass Rose)

2016-05-02 - Spring Golf (12 Oaks)

2016-05-19 - May Monthly meeting (Lunch):
Presentation: 100% Outside Air De-humidification Equipment
Unveiling the myths with the AHRI 920 & ASHRAE 90.1. This presentation helps engineers know how to properly select and apply DX 100% Outside Air equipment. It will start with a brief history on the evolution of 100% DOAS equipment and the application of these systems. The presentation will reveal how the AHRI 920 Rating and 90.1 Energy Standard ensures 100% Outside Air Dehumidifiers operate more efficiently and reliably than ever. The new standards are currently being used throughout the Commercial HVAC Industry to help engineers/owners have greater performance with quality equipment.
Speaker: Channing Everette, Southeast Regional Manager, Desert Aire Corp

2016-05-20 - Social, Skeet Shoot
2016-05-21 - Sustainability Project (Tammy Lynn Center)

2016-06-11_13 - CRC (Atlanta)
2016-06-31 - Annual Term ends