Chapter Membership

Membership in the Triangle Chapter of ASHRAE (and our website):

Who is a "Member" of this website?

"Membership" in the Triangle Chapter and this website is automatic for all ASHRAE members in good standing who are assigned to this local chapter. We also maintain an opt-in emailing list for those not currently a member but wish to receive our notices.

Website Purpose:

The Triangle Chapter maintains this website for the convenience of the local chapter members and to aid in promoting the chapters activities to non-members.

Log-in ID accepts, (any time you wish to login), either of the following two IDs:
 - The email address you gave to national ASHRAE ( as your Primary Contact Email Address.
 - Your national ASHRAE Member ID Number.

Login Password

When you join ASHRAE, OR you move into our area, OR you select with national ASHRAE to belong to our chapter; national ASHRAE designates you a member of the Triangle Chapter.
Within hours, you'll automatically be added as a member of this website. At that time, you're sent an email with new member login instructions and a chance to set your password.

Note that your password to THIS site is not automatically the same password as what you use to get into the national
You may set/change it to anyting you like. If you choose to have them the same, that is acceptable.

If you forget your password, click here: Forgot Username/Password?

Membership Data:

All your membership information comes from your records with national ASHRAE, (name, address, email, company name, phone number, membership status, etc.). Our copy of this information is automatically updated daily from them. Therefore ALL changes of this data MUST be done at