To Add a Job Opening:

Triangle ASHRAE welcomes and will post Job Opening classified ads
for any position that might be of interest to it's members.

Any member or non-member registed on this website may submit a Job Listing.
(There is no fee for this service, but please allow a few days for review).

To be posted, the position must meet ALL of the following rules. It must ...

  • be a position which could be filled by an ASHRAE member: IE: Mechanical Engineer, ME Designer, ME Intern, HVAC products vendor, ME Student or Teacher, Building Manager, Construction Manager, Cost Estimater, Specifier, etc.
  • NOT BE FOR architects, electrical, civil, structural or other types of engineers, AND
  • NOT BE FOR pharma and other type of manufacturing, EXCEPT to do HVACR work within those areas), AND
  • be in the geographical area serviced by Triangle ASHRAE: (Triangle and eastern North Carolina), AND
  • include a phone or email or link to let someone interested get more info and/or apply, AND
  • have an expiration date for when the ad posting closes, (maximum 3 months of posting date).
  • Finally, it must have the Company Name, the job position title, the job location (city, state), and the minimum years experience.

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Job Posting
Jul. 28, 2020