Support the Expansion of Duke Energy's Residential New Construction Incentive

Ask the NC Utilities Commission to Support the Expansion of Duke Energy's Residential New Construction Incentive Program to the Carolinas Territory!

Speak out in support of energy savings and green building!

Duke Energy currently offers a wildly successful Residential New Construction Program in its Progress territory that has resulted in a wealth of energy savings and environmental benefits for several years. The program continues to help builders, contractors and homeowners participate in energy efficient construction by providing a cash rebate to builders that construct to above-code energy standards.

But, the program isn’t available in Duke Energy’s Carolinas territory, which includes Charlotte and many other highly populated areas across central and western North Carolina. Unfortunately, Duke Energy isn’t able to expand the program on their own due to issues with the natural gas utility industry.
This is where you come in!


Help expand this program by submitting online comments to the NC Utilities Commission encouraging them to take action! This is a quick and simple process. All you need to do is submit your comments on the Commission’s website. After you do, share them with your professional network and encourage others to participate!

Helpful resources including sample comment language, graphics that you can use on social media, hard data on the program’s impact and more are available below.

Have questions? Contact NCBPA’s Ryan Miller at [email protected] or 919-521-3385.


Sample Language to Use:

Ratepayer/Industry Professional: As a ratepayer and building industry professional, I cannot stress enough how much Duke Energy Progress’ Residential New Construction Program has done to promote efficiency, save money, and reduce greenhouse gases in that territory. The incentive has produced quantifiable savings and our industry has seen firsthand more savings in the Progress territory, where the incentive has been in place for several years, versus the Carolinas territory where it is not available. Having the incentive available in the Carolinas territory would be good for residents of our state. I am asking the Commission to weigh in on Docket No E-7 Sub 1155 by directing Duke Energy and gas utility industry stakeholders to come up with a solution that will allow this incentive to be available for Duke Energy Carolinas customers. Thank you.

Graphics to Share on Social Media: