Energy Seat Addition to NC Building Code Council: Blocked, For Now

Despite strong bipartisan support provided during our 2019 Lobby Days, NCBPA's second priority legislation is currently on hold due to opposition from the home building industry.

NCBPA proposed an amendment that would add an Energy seat to the NC Building Code Council, which would provide an energy efficiency and clean energy expert on the council to help make decisions on future code changes. In addition to the Energy seat, NCBPA sought to add a second Building Commissioning seat, which is needed to increase the attention provided to commercial buildings and to keep the number of seats as an odd number (currently 17).

NCBPA had garnered a commitment from a legislator that was ready and willing to file our amendment this session, but, unfortunately, due to opposition from the home building industry, they are not willing to file it. NCBPA will continue to lobby for this bill during the 2019 session.

(Taken from the NCBPA, the North Carolina Building Performance Association)