Washington State Bill Would Require All New Buildings be Zero-Carbon by 2030

House Bill 1084, the Healthy Homes and Clean Buildings Act, would require all new buildings in Washington to be zero-carbon by 2030 and eliminate fossil fuel consumption in existing buildings by 2050. If passed, this would put Washington on track to become the first U.S. state to implement statewide restrictions on natural gas infrastructure in new construction, while simultaneously tackling retrofits in existing buildings. The legislation reflects recommendations from the draft state energy strategy, including requiring zero-energy, zero-carbon and all-electric construction in the state's 2027 energy code. This is important because if code updates stay on their current trajectory, they will not prompt fossil-fuel-free construction by 2030, which means buildings will not meet decarbonization targets until the mid-to-late 2030s. 

Copied from ASHRAE GAU News Page