Virginia School Districts Reference ASHRAE Guidance for HVAC Systems

In December, the Virginia public school districts of Newport News, Chesapeake and Virginia Beach City all included references to ASHRAE guidance for HVAC systems in their COVID-19 policies for school buildings. Newport News Public Schools purchased portable air purifiers for each classroom in all buildings where the HVAC system does not meet the ASHRAE standard. Chesapeake Public Schools required that all HVAC systems receive filter changes, with the highest-possible MERV-rated filter, every 90 days. Virginia Beach City Public Schools focused on proper HVAC system operation, along with preventative maintenance initiatives, like emergency response for HVAC systems, filter replacement, dilution/flush through extended building operation, indoor environment assessment through data logging, and HVAC equipment coil cleaning. A WTKR (local news) article about these procedures can be found here

Copied from ASHRAE GAU News Page