Student Branch - NCSU

(North Carolina State Universary, Raleigh, NC)
Student Branch
of the Triangle Chapter of ASHRAE

The Faculity Advisor is:

Dr. Soolyeon Cho
North Carolina State University
[email protected]

Dr. Cho has been the student branch advisor for NC State since 2019. He is also the Director of the Building Energy Technology Lab (BETlab). His expertise is in energy modeling and performance simulation for the design and development of sustainable buildings. Dr. Cho’s research is interdisciplinary, dealing with both architectural, environmental, and engineering subjects for the design and development of sustainable built environment. He assists with regular ASHRAE meetings and has helped promote ASHRAE to a more diverse range of students.

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ASHRAE has more than 5,600 student members and more than 300 student branches.

Student Branches offer student members the opportunity to interact and 'network' with members of the local ASHRAE Chapter, to participate in technical tours, learn from guest speakers, present technical papers, and to interact with other students with the same career interests. If your educational institution does not have an ASHRAE Student Branch then you may be interested in forming one. Establishing a student branch is easy and the rewards are great. All you need is a minimum of 10 student members, a faculty member who is interested in being the Student Branch Advisor, and the support of your local ASHRAE chapter and Region.