Member Resumes

As a free service to our Chapter Members, (student or otherwise), we are happy to post their resume.

Please provide a short (256 char max) cover describing yourself and what you're looking for.

"John Smith, PE; <[email protected]>; with 8 years design experience is looking for a position with an A/E or MEP firm as a design engineer", or
"John Smith, <[email protected]>; a graduate NCSU student expecting an MSME in 10-2019, is looking for a summer intern experience with an architectural or MEP design firm".

Make sure contact email is visible, and email to:
[email protected]

Tips for a successful resume:

  • Your Name: Have your name, contact info, and experience level, CLEARLY shown at the beginning.
    • Use a unique email address just for job searching, that you'll keep for life. (Don't use a social email, or your school or employers emails because they will all probably change).
    • Provide only an email as contact info, You may wish to list your city (zip code), but do NOT put a street address or phone numbers on the resume. Websites will be robo-scanned for harvesting by spammers / scammers. Provide phone numbers only within private emailings.
  • Dates: Have an 'as-of' date on your resume, (year-month) so previous versions can be spotted.
  • LinkedIn: Duplicate your resume's info onto your LinkedIn profile and include your LinkedIn address at the top of your resume.
  • Intro: Have a simple description of who you are and what you're looking for, to catch the eye of an HR scanning this page. Provide:
    • A general description of your current employment status, AND
    • a description of the level and kind of work you're considering.
  • Background: Identify your level of obtained schooling, registrations and certifications. IE: "Expect to graduate with BSME in 2 semesters", or "Earned Masters in ME last year and am working on my PhD", or "Currently an EIT, expect to try for PE in 2 years".
  • Format: Your resume should be distributed in MS Word format, with NO special formatting, as it may be imported / inserted into a company database. Use Letter Sized paper, standard fonts, asterisks instead of bullets.
    • Provide a saved file, not a scanned image. The information much be machine-extractable text.
    • Use Letter Sized paper, standard fonts, use asterisk, periods, "O", "o" instead of bullets.
    • Don't use special characters or wingdings.
    • Don't use automatic 'headers or footers', page numbers; hard-type them for each page.
    • Don't use colors, columns, tables, tab indents, right-justified, or graphics. (You can put a good bust-picture on your LinkedIn page so you can be recognized).
  • Proof it: Have at least three other people proof-read your resume. It is expected to be an example of your best work possible.

Please notify Webmaster if you've gotten a job and the resume can be taken down.
All resumes will be automatically removed after 3 months.

Address any questions to: [email protected]
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