Registered, now Paying or Canceling

Registered for an event and want to Pay; or Cancel & get refund:

  1. Log into website,
  2. select Meetings and Events //View My Order History
  3. Look down the Orders and find the one you now wish to adjust,
  4. Click on that item's "Order Details", then

If you registered but didn't pay then, and now wish to pay on-line:

  1. Verify this order is the one you wish to now pay, and if so, click on the botton at the bottom, "Pay Balance".
  2. Then, follow the same payment instructions as if you were registering with pre-payment.

If you registered and prepaid, but now want to cancel and get a refund:

  1. Verify this order is the one you wish to cancel, and if so, click at the bottom, "Request Refund".
  2. Answer "Yes" to the Dialog Box asking confirmation you're Requesting a Refund.
    Your registration will be immediately canceled, and our Treasurer will contact you to confirm your credit card (PayPal) refund.


Any questions, please contact [email protected]