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Terms used for the Triangle Chapter Leadership:
"Leadership Team"
"Officers" = Pres, Pres-Elect (aka VP), Sec, & Tres. [all elected by the membership].
"Board of Governors" = Officers + at least 2 members [all elected by the membership] & the PP.
"Committee Chairs & Members" (appointed by Pres-Elect)

The BoG has the voting authority during business meetings.

Note: the President (P) is elected not for the "next" SY (society year), but the SY afterwards, as the current PE (aka VP) automatically advances to P.
IE: the election in spring 2010:
does NOT select the P for 2010-2011, as the current PE became P in fall 2010-11
it DOES select the PE for 2011-2012.

PE=President Elect (aka VP)
VP=Vice President
BoG=Board of Governors

NOTE: The names and contact information presented here are for use for those
wishing to contact them on Chapter Business ONLY.

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