The Publicity Chair and it's committee members are responsible for promoting upcoming events and activities via the local press, radio, TV, and allied organizations in the area and elsewhere, including appropriate use of social media. Where electronic methods of publicity, including Social Media are employed, the Publicity Chair will work with the Chapter Webmaster/Electronics to coordinate those efforts.

Biographical sketches of Chapter meeting speakers will be used for the purpose of preparing publicity and press releases. Announcements of prominent guests and officers who may be attending the meeting will also be included in publicity releases as the need arises.

Articles, including photos pertaining to chapter speakers, meetings, and events will be prepared for distribution to media outlets, and submitted for publication in ASHRAE Insights where applicable.

For more information, please contact the committee chair.
Click on LEADERSHIP PICTURES to find who is the committee chair and their contact info.

Oregon Zero Energy Ready Commercial Code Goes into Effect

On October 1, the 2019 Oregon Zero Energy Ready Commercial Code became effective; the code will be phased in over three months, wherein permit applicants will have the option to submit permits using either the current (2014) Oregon Structural Specialty Code, or the new 2019 code. Starting on January...

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ACEEE State Report Card

The 13th edition of the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy’s (ACEEE's) State Energy Efficiency Scorecard has been released. The document is a progress report on state policies and programs that save energy, while producing environmental and economic benefits. States that are lead...

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NCBPA Members Encourage Students to Pursue Industry Careers During Appalachian State Energy Summit

Last week, member leaders participated in a panel discussion at the Appalachian State Energy Summit that was attended by students in App State’s Building Science, Construction Management, Architecture and other degree programs. Hosted by NCBPA and following a similar panel on the previous day,...

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