Member Resumes

As a free service to our Members, (student or otherwise), we are happy to post their resume for up to 3-months.
Make sure contact information is visible, and email a PDF or Word format file to:

Tips for a successful resume: A good resume should:

  • Have a general description of the level and kind of work you're considering. It should be near the top and easy to spot as a courtesy for all those who will be reading yours and others. IE: Summer Intern working with a building design firm. Or, entry level design engineer for a design firm specializing in Biotech/Pharma facilities.
  • Have an 'as-of' date (minimum year-month) so previous versions can be spotted.
  • Have an email address that you use just for job searching, that you'll keep for life. (Don't use a social email, or your school or work email because they will change).
  • Do NOT put your phone number or street address. Resumes can be posted on websites (like this one), that can be scanned, with your information 'harvested' for spammers. Provide your personal info only in cover letters and direct emails.
  • Identify your level of schooling, registrations and certifications. IE: Expect to graduate with BSME in 2 semesters, or Earned Masters in ME last year and am working on my PhD, or currently an EIT, expect to try for PE in 2 years.
  • Your resume should be available in MS Word (2003+ version), with NO special formatting, as it may be imported / inserted into a company database. Use Letter Sized paper, standard fonts, asterisks instead of bullets. Do not use 'headers or footers', hard-type them for each page. Do not use colors, columns, tables, tab indents, or graphics. 
  • Echo most of the pertinent information from your resume on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Have at least two other people proof-read your resume. It is an example of your best work.